Manitoulin Cycling Odyssey – Travelling Home

The weather turned cold and windy on the island today, our day for travelling home. We were so fortunate to have seven great days of cycling. There were two rainstorms, but we managed to miss them both, by consulting radar and heading out at the ideal time. My wrist continues to improve with the bruising... Continue Reading →

Manitoulin Cycling Odyssey – Day 7

Rain was forecast all day today, with more in the afternoon than in the morning, for our final day on the island, so we decided to get an earlier start. We chose South Baymouth as our destination, an 86 km round trip ride from the cottage. Dayle and I decided to drive to Providence Bay... Continue Reading →

Buffalo Getaway – Day 4

We awoke, dressed, packed, checked out, and drove to Wegman's for breakfast.  While yesterday's hotel breakfast was good and relaxing, it just wasn't worth three times the amount it cost at the grocery store coffee counter.  Having said that, though, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Hotel Henry and enjoyed our dinners. I would definitely... Continue Reading →

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