Buffalo Getaway – Day 4

We awoke, dressed, packed, checked out, and drove to Wegman's for breakfast.  While yesterday's hotel breakfast was good and relaxing, it just wasn't worth three times the amount it cost at the grocery store coffee counter.  Having said that, though, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Hotel Henry and enjoyed our dinners. I would definitely... Continue Reading →

Buffalo Getaway – Day 3

I woke up late, for me, at 815, opened the curtains and was greeted with the type of weather I expect in Buffalo in December. We decided to eat at the hotel coffee shop. it cost three times the amount of our breakfast at Wegman's yesterday. After placing our order I wandered through the bar... Continue Reading →

Buffalo Getaway- Day 2

We turned off our alarms and got up when we woke up. We drove over to the local Wegmans where we had breakfast and picked up a few items for snacks for the next couple days. Then we drove downtown and parked in the City Hall parking lot. Our plan for the day was to... Continue Reading →

Buffalo Getaway – Day 1

Michael and I decided to take a getaway to Buffalo for our 32nd wedding anniversary which falls on the solstice. I was here four years ago with my eldest son to visit the Martin House. I blogged about it here and here. Last time I stayed downtown at the Hyatt, but this time we are... Continue Reading →

Greg’s Ride – Day 2

We breakfasted at Tim's then went back to our AirBnB before heading the 300m to the start of the ride. Dayle found a fabulous house in a perfect location. This is my second year riding Greg's Ride. I blogged about it last year, here. We arrived at the Legion Hall just after 9 o'clock so... Continue Reading →

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