Doctor, Movie and Pick Ups

The day started with a trip to the ophthalmologist for Alun who has had a teary eye for months.  Turns out the tear duct is blocked.  We got some new eye drops to reduce inflammation and he is to massage the inside corner of his eyes.  We go back in four weeks to see if that has worked and he has been able to avoid a more invasive surgical procedure to unblock the tear duct.  The doctor determined the blockage by inserting a very thin syringe into the tear duct and squirting water.  She started with the eye that hasn’t been teary and the water trickled down the back of his throat.  With the teary eye, it didn’t.  Alun said he couldn’t even feel the syringe in his tear duct.  She had given him a local freezing eye drop prior to the procedure.

Afterwards we went to Williams Coffee Pub for Alun’s breakfast and my morning coffee.

In the afternoon Owen and I used coupons from General Mills cereal to see the movie Lucy for free.  Owen, who is not very critical, quite enjoyed the movie.  I found it lacking in logic and character development although Scarlett Johansson was pretty entertaining and Morgan Freeman’s voice is always pleasant to hear.


This evening I went out to Cyclepath to pick up my bikes then killed an hour at Second Cup until it was time to pick up Megan from Rogers where she volunteers in their studios.


When I arrived home I leaned my bike up against the wall and practiced clipping in and out of the pedals.  I’ve been warned everyone falls over at least once, by Elaine, who fell over in Montreal last year after riding all the way from Victoria without incident.  I hope not to, as I fear jarring my wrist, which I broke while skating in January, which is still not right or my shoulder which was also affected by “guarding” my broken wrist.



About Lisa Stokes

I am a stay-at-home mother of four whose hobbies include photography, quilting and cycling. I have recently started to advocate for better cycling infrastructure in my community. I am the photographer at the Brampton Quilters' Guild.
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One Response to Doctor, Movie and Pick Ups

  1. Lisa – I LOVE that picture of you on your bike. It will become second nature – well mostly. GOod luck.


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