Day Out At Wild Water Kingdom

Today Trystan and his friends Edmund and Zack, Owen and I went to Wild Water Kingdom for the day.  It was the warmest day we have had lately, although I wouldn’t call it hot.  The kids were fine, but I wore my short wetsuit to keep me warm in the breeze when I was wet. 


My sister gave us season passes for Christmas.  This is the third or fourth year she has done so.  Wild Water Kingdom offers a reduced rate for pass holders to bring a friend.  We usually go with my sister and her family on Sunday mornings.  It hasn’t been very busy this year.   Each year it seems to become a little more rundown and the weather has been cooler than normal this summer.  So I was surprised to see how full the wave pool was when we arrived, particularly given the number of cars in the parking lot.  It soon became apparent that there were many, many daycare and camp groups that had arrived by bus.  Fortunately, most of them were young and didn’t cause large line-ups on the slides.


Trystan, Edmund and Zack headed off to the slides and Owen to the Lazy River.  I read a book at the Caribbean Cove until they arrived back for lunch.  After lunch we all had a round of mini-golf.  Owen is playing much better than last year, but not nearly as well as he is likely to be playing in a couple of weeks since he is off to golf camp next week.


It was a fun day.  Zack and Edmund are both polite, talkative teens and it was a pleasure to have them join us.

We headed home in time to pick up Megan from work and have a quick dinner before I loaded my bike into the car and headed off to Cyclepath to have the tube replaced in the front tire.  The mechanic thought it has been pierced by a small piece of glass not by my fall.  He charge $7 for a new tube and $9 to install it.  He did it while I waited.  Next month I am going to take a course to learn to do some basic maintenance on my bike by myself including how to change a tire.  In nine years I never had a flat on my hybrid.  On day two I have had a flat on my new road bike.  I know that flats are much more likely with the narrow, high-pressure tires of road bikes, but I didn’t expect to have one quite so quickly.

On the way home I stopped at two grocery stores and spent $300 on groceries.  Our friends from St. Thomas, another family of six, are joining us for the rest of the week.  Sometimes when they visit it seems we barely finish clearing up from one meal before we have to start serving the next.

My leg still has a lump under the knee and the colour gets worse by the day.  I hope to ride my rode bike in the morning without my knee being problematic.



About Lisa Stokes

I am a stay-at-home mother of four whose hobbies include photography, quilting and cycling. I have recently started to advocate for better cycling infrastructure in my community. I am the photographer at the Brampton Quilters' Guild.
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