Friday October 17 – Sheridan Campus Oakville Visit

Today Megan, Michael and I visited the Sheridan Campus in Oakville.  We picked up Megan from school just before lunch and headed to Oakville.  We parked and checked in at the Student Tours office to give them our license plate so we didn’t get ticketed.  Then we went to The Marketplace for lunch.  Just like at Humber, which we visited two weeks ago, it was populated by fast food chains.  Unlike Humber, Sheridan was light and airy.  It had a different and better feel to it.  It felt more sophisticated, less like a souped up high school.

The eating area of the Marketplace was beautiful with the autumn colours and sunlight pouring in through the wall of glass.

IMG_0339edit IMG_0342edit

The landscaping was beautiful.

IMG_0343edit IMG_0344edit

The tour group here was quite a bit larger (there was only one other student at Humber).  The guide spent an hour showing us around.  It is a lovely campus with lots of resources.  The creativity of the students abounds in the art and furnishings around the campus.

The student bar.


The Student Union.


Two of the many S shaped pieces of art scattered around the campus.

IMG_0347edit IMG_0354edit

Outside the library.


The technology commons where students can congregate, study, print and get technical help.


One of the lovely sitting areas outside.


If Megan attended Sheridan, she would live in residence as it would take 90 minutes to two hours one way on public transit from our house.  Megan doesn’t have her driver’s license.  She isn’t interested in getting it – at least not yet.  At $6850 for a residence room plus groceries I don’t think we would save any money if she did get her license and drive a second car (which we would have to buy since we only have one).  There is no meal plan.  The rooms consist of a shared kitchen and eating area with fridge, microwave, shelves and sink.  Students can bring other small appliances and use the common kitchen area down the hall if they need a stove or oven.  The residence runs a weekly shuttle to the local Supercentre and teaches the kids how to shop and cook if they need help.  There is a private full bathroom and two bedrooms, each with a double bed, desk, shelves and closet.  Each bedroom has a TV with cable and ethernet connection in case the campus wide wifi is too slow.  It is quite nice.  They have a games room and even have a theatre.  Laundry facilities are shared by the whole residence.

IMG_0362edit IMG_0370edit

The view from the room we saw was lovely.


Sheridan Oakville has 8000 students and room for 800 in residence.

Sheridan is Megan’s first choice so far.  We have three more campuses to visit.

We discovered that the program that Megan has applied to is changing to a combined print and broadcast journalism instead of just broadcast, but she is still excited about Sheridan.




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I am a stay-at-home mother of four whose hobbies include photography, quilting and cycling. I have recently started to advocate for better cycling infrastructure in my community. I am the photographer at the Brampton Quilters' Guild.
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