Brampton’s Christmas Market

Last night Brampton’s third annual outdoor Christmas market began.  Michael, Trystan and I attended this evening.  It is not to often that we spend time with just Trystan on his own.   It was the first time we have been to the Christmas market.  When we arrived about 5:45 there were very few people around.

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We headed to The Works, a burger restaurant, in the old Dominion building at Four Corners for dinner.  They had so many options – I think the waitress said there were 45 toppings – it was hard to choose.  Michael had an elk burger, while Trystan and I stuck with the traditional beef.  We started with a tower of onion rings.

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By the time we left the restaurant there was a line-up to get in and the square outside The Rose had become crowded.  We headed over to City Hall to check out Ken Whillans Square where the Christmas lights had been turned on this afternoon and Gage Park to see what else was going on.  We found this Brampton Hydro truck dressed for Christmas in front of City Hall.

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City Hall was open for warming up or to send Santa an e-mail.

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There was a musical performance from the movie Frozen which drew a large crowd.

IMG_8323edit blog

A long line formed for the polar bear inflatable slide.

IMG_8326edit blog

The lights were beautiful.

IMG_8328edit blog

Santa’s reindeer were visiting.

IMG_8333edit blog

There were marshmallow roasting stations.

IMG_8337edit blog

You could sit and watch Christmas shows on glowing chairs.

IMG_8339edit blog

There was dancing in the gazebo.

IMG_8342edit blog

The ice carving was fast and impressive.

IMG_8349edit blog

The trees along Main and Queen are all lit up.

IMG_8353edit blog

This drumming band was marching around downtown entertaining the crowds.

IMG_8354edit blog

There was a long line for the carousel.

IMG_8362edit blog

Michael waiting for freshly cooked tiny donuts.

IMG_8366edit blog

Today Daniel, of T By Daniel, was dressed as Santa.  We have seen him at the Farmers’ Market dressed as Elvis and dressed head to toe in a royal blue suit.  He makes a great chai tea.

IMG_8368edit blog

It was great to see the crowds downtown on a cold November evening.  Great job Brampton Downtown Development Corporation and City of Brampton.






About Lisa Stokes

I am a stay-at-home mother of four whose hobbies include photography, quilting and cycling. I have recently started to advocate for better cycling infrastructure in my community. I am the photographer at the Brampton Quilters' Guild.
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