#2018ErieOdyssey – Day 2 – Hamilton to Welland – Part 1

We started with breakfast at Denny’s, then got on the road just after 9. It was supposed to be 9, but as we were loading the van I couldn’t find my camera. I searched my duffle bag, and the bags on my bike – no luck. I went back up to the room – no luck. As I came back outside I realized I hadn’t searched my backpack and there it was. Phew. We took a picture and set off. David took the first trip shift driving.

We headed back west with a great tailwind a cycling and pedestrian bridge over the QEW, which took us to the Waterfront Trail. The bridge is “Fireweed Red” – the same colour as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Wayne told us.

Unfortunately, we then turned east into a stiff headwind which never let up. For the first part of our ride on the Waterfront Trail we were on a lovely wide path with occasional shelter from the wind by trees.

Mostly we were on the North Service Road listening to the constant noise of QEW traffic on one side with housing, businesses or farms in the other. At least there want a lot of traffic, but I found it a tough slog on my upright bike and was grateful to draft behind the others, but especially Nelson with his wide panniers.

We met David at about 25km into the day and he and Dayle switched off driving.

We carried on into the wind.

We had a lovely break in Grimsby Beach touring the painted houses. A couple collecting their mail came out to tell us about the area and invited us in to chat, but with the wind it was taking us longer than planned so we reluctantly declined.

We passed the ship at Jordan Harbour.

I was so happy to pull into Port Dalhousie for a picnic lunch in a pavilion by the lake. Rani and Nelson found a Tim’s.

Dayle had lunch set up for us.

After lunch I changed out of my cycling clothes and took my turn driving. The rest turned south to cycle along the Welland Canal.

I will continue the post tomorrow to describe my afternoon. Now it’s time for bed. I apologize in advance for any mistakes. I’m too tired to proofread.

• Moving Time – 3:05:24

• Elapsed Time – 3:34:06

• Distance – 51.5km

• Elevation Gain – 102m

• Average Speed – 16.7kmh

• Maximum Speed – 38.5kph

• Calories Burned – 1518


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