#2018ErieOdyssey – Day 3 – Welland to Turkey Point

It was a tough day today. We thought it would be the rain that was the problem, but it was the winds that were crazy. Constant strong headwinds the whole way, especially once we started following the shore of Lake Erie.

Rani and Nelson headed out by 7:15. It took them a while to work out that it was my lock on Rani’s bike. She had to wake me to get the key. The rest of us left just at 915.

I was able to ride along the canal this morning, for about 15km, to Port Colborne. We passed some interesting sights and it was enjoyable being on the trail. This is a working flour mill despite appearances.

We saw a ship themed skateboard park in Port Colborne.

And the old Captain John’s restaurant abandoned in the harbour.

Unfortunately, I started getting a migraine in Port Colborne. Both Dayle and I decided to take a break at 21k. David started riding and Wayne continued on with him.

Lots of windmills in this area.

We stopped at 45km. It was supposed to be our coffee break but it was after noon so we decided to have lunch. Dayle wanted to ride again, someone needed to drive and my head still hadn’t cleared so I continued in the car.

Just before Nanticoke I came upon Rani and Nelson. They were tired from battling headwinds and gusty side winds, but they didn’t need anything and I continued on. As we talked it started to rain. It was off and on all day.

I love the lines of hydro towers marching toward the generating station.

Solar and wind side by side near Port Dover.

Just as I arrived in Port Dover, expecting to have a coffee and write my blog, I got a text from David saying Dayle was struggling, so I had to turn around and drive back half the way I had just come. Then back to Port Dover to wait for David and Wayne. Rani and Nelson got ahead while I headed back to get Dayle. The accommodation was more modest tonight, about 18km past Port Dover at Turkey Point.

Dinner was amazing at the Sandbox on the Beach. I would highly recommend the Perch dinner and Calamari. They even welcome cyclists.

Tomorrow the weather is looking much the same as are the next few days. At least once we get to Ingersoll it will be a tailwind.

• Moving Time – 1:30:35

• Elapsed Time – 2:06:02

• Distance – 20.93km

• Elevation Gain – 40m

• Average Speed – 13.9 kmh

• Maximum Speed – 40.3 kph

• Calories Burned – 612


One thought on “#2018ErieOdyssey – Day 3 – Welland to Turkey Point

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  1. Hey Lisa… I’ve been following your Erie Odyssey since Greg’s Ride in Hamilton. It seems that you guys are having quite the adventure! The Dutch have a saying: “‘Ve don’t have hills, but ve have VIND.” 🙂
    If you stop in Port Burwell for Lunch on Wednesday, there’s a few good spots for seafood in town (incl the Lighthouse, Schooners Galley). Also, for future reference, check out the Grey Gables B+B (22 Erieus St, a block off the main drag) in town. It’s a century house, lovingly restored, with an excellent host, Jim Hovener. We stayed there a few years ago on a cycling trip with a dozen friends, and we loved it. (Jim also cooks at a restaurant in town, but I can’t remember which one.) It’s worth checking out.
    Good Luck (and have FUN) on the cycling trip. I will continue to follow you folks (online).

    Robert (from Etobicoke)


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