#2018ErieOdyssey – Stats

Here is a summary of all my rides.  My goal was to ride 350km for the week and I just managed that. I believe that Rani, Wayne and Nelson cycled over 700km each, David over 600km and Dayle over 500km. It was a fun week.  I feel like I cycled the right amount.  I've been... Continue Reading →


Etobicoke Creek Trail: Kennedy Road to Mid-Way/Dixie

The Etobicoke Creek Trail has recently been expanded from east of Kennedy to Mount Charles Park in Mississauga. The path is prepared for paving which is expected to happen in October 2018. The red line on the map below shows the route. The line between the two downward pointing arrows is the section awaiting paving.... Continue Reading →

Back to Ottawa – December 3&4

After a relaxing morning with breakfast in the apartment, we walked to Second Cup for coffee. Owen was playing with my camera and took a picture of me.  I don't get to be the subject very often in my family. Then we proceeded to the Canadian Museum of Nature -  a pleasant 20 minute walk... Continue Reading →

Back to Ottawa – December 2

I've never lived in an apartment building so the occasional time I am up high I really enjoy the views. Today I watched workers at City Hall begin to lay down layers of ice on the circle at Centre-left with a fire hose like I used to do in Carabram Park.   We ate breakfast... Continue Reading →

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