Friday October 24 – Autumn and Les Miz

I had a lovely ride this morning to Downey's Farm to see if I could catch a glimpse of my friend Gail leading a school group.  I was not disappointed and learned all about how pumpkins grow in Gail's very entertaining fashion.  The kids loved her. In the afternoon I took a walk in the... Continue Reading →


Tuesday October 28 – Bike the Creek Planning Ride

Sunday afternoon we received a call from Caroline and Pete, good friends of Michael's mother, Maureen, telling us they had found her delirious, and bleeding, in bed on Sunday morning.  They took her to the hospital for assessment.  In the evening they called back to say that nothing had been found yet, but that she... Continue Reading →

Monday, October 20 – Schomberg

Today I met my friend Jennifer in Schomberg for lunch.  It is about half way between her home in Barrie and mine.  Jennifer and I met when Megan and Jennifer's daughter Emily were in Junior Kindergarten together.  Her son Jacob is the same age as Alun and her daughter Abigail is the same age as... Continue Reading →

Gas Price War

When I was out running errands this morning, I came across gas for $1.096!  I can't remember when it was last under $1.10.  This is at the Esso at Richvale Drive South, which for months have been running cheaper than the one near me.  Today, the one by me was $1.179.  I filled up even... Continue Reading →


I had a lovely ride for coffee up to Caledon East to my usual stop at Gabe's Country Bake Shop.  As I pedal north, I anticipate the coffee and think about what I will choose to eat with it.    The sky was blue, and while the leaves were changing, there is still a lot of... Continue Reading →

Summer is Over

There was frost on the roof this morning when I got up.  I dressed in my warm running tights to go meet Patti for our Saturday morning run.  Patti tells me she had to scrape frost off her windows before driving.  It was sunny and still so it didn't feel as cold as it was.... Continue Reading →

Treetop Trekking

The day dawned dark, cool and wet, but was forecast to improve.  I met Patti for our Saturday morning run and increased our running to 90 seconds running, one minute walking.  We repeated that 16 times which led to 60% more running that last week.  I had planned to get out running in the week,... Continue Reading →

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