Monday December 29 – Room Three Completed

We had hoped to be done the three room renovations by Christmas but lost a few weeks when Michael had to travel to the UK unexpectedly.  Trystan and Owen were able to move into Trystan's new room on Christmas Eve.  We took Christmas Day off and got right back at it on Boxing Day as... Continue Reading →


Moving On to Room Two of Three

We are in the process of renovating three rooms in our home.  The children's old playroom on the main floor has become my new sewing room.   I spent last week moving all the furniture and contents from the old sewing room, which will become Trystan's bedroom, to the new sewing room.  I tried to organize... Continue Reading →


Trystan and Owen share a bedroom, and we have an extra bedroom that I use as a sewing room/photography studio, which is used by guests when we have them.  The living room has been used as a playroom for years, but with the youngest, Owen, having reached ten years of age, it isn't used very... Continue Reading →

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