Sunday June 21 – Ride Don’t Hide

On March 8, I volunteered to help out at the BikeBrampton booth at the Toronto Bike Show which allowed me to get into the show for free.  Patti came with me.  We had a look around for a while and then gave David and Dayle a break and looked after the booth.  We had a... Continue Reading →


Mother’s Day Ride

Trystan brought me breakfast in bed this morning, just before 7am, for Mother's Day.  He thoughtfully got it ready early so  that I could head out on a 70km ride before it got too hot or too wet.  As it turned out, it didn't get up to the 30 degrees Celsius predicted a couple days... Continue Reading →

Small World

Today I rode my new bike to Caledon East for a coffee at Gabe's Bake Shop. I've been using Mapmyride to track my rides. My best average speed for this 35 km round trip on my hybrid bike was 20.2 kph on a day with 8 kph winds. Today, on my new bike my average... Continue Reading →

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