#2018ErieOdyssey – Stats

Here is a summary of all my rides.  My goal was to ride 350km for the week and I just managed that. I believe that Rani, Wayne and Nelson cycled over 700km each, David over 600km and Dayle over 500km. It was a fun week.  I feel like I cycled the right amount.  I've been... Continue Reading →


#2018ErieOdyssey – Day 7 – Cambridge to Brampton

I moved the van around the back of the hotel, before the others had to unload last night, to a door near our rooms.  So there should have been no more hallway bike riding, but I let the outside door close while my things were still inside, and no one had a key.  So Nelson... Continue Reading →

#2018ErieOdyssey – Prepation

Last year I cycled home from Ottawa with a group of six others. It was an amazing trip. If you wish, you can read a summary I wrote for the Ontario Traffic Council's quarterly magazine, or you can read the daily posts starting here. You can navigate through the posts from oldest to newest by... Continue Reading →

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