Tour De Mississauga 2015 (#tourdemississauga)

Today I rode in the Tour de Mississauga for the third year in a row.  Two years ago I rode the 60km route with Patti.  Last year I rode 100km for the first time, but Patti was jet-lagged from a recent trip to the UK so I made friends along the way.  This year Patti... Continue Reading →


Sunday June 21 – Ride Don’t Hide

On March 8, I volunteered to help out at the BikeBrampton booth at the Toronto Bike Show which allowed me to get into the show for free.  Patti came with me.  We had a look around for a while and then gave David and Dayle a break and looked after the booth.  We had a... Continue Reading →

A Rainy Tour de Grand

Today Patti and I rode the 18th annual Cambridge Tour de Grand.  I've been watching the weather for two weeks and taking a screen cap every couple days.  The forecast for today on June 4th was close in terms of the amount of rain that ended up falling although it was calling for warmer temperatures... Continue Reading →

Bike the Creek Practice Ride

As a member of BikeBrampton, a cycling advocacy group, I helped to plan the Second Annual Bike the Creek ride.  Last year I was a participant. This year my father is getting married on June 20, which coincides with the ride, so I won't be able to participate.  Patti is going to ride without me... Continue Reading →

Brampton’s Christmas Market

Last night Brampton's third annual outdoor Christmas market began.  Michael, Trystan and I attended this evening.  It is not to often that we spend time with just Trystan on his own.   It was the first time we have been to the Christmas market.  When we arrived about 5:45 there were very few people around. We... Continue Reading →

Why I Decided to Start Blogging

One word: forgetfulness. Yesterday, just before I started writing my blog for the day I thought, " I must remember to write about winning the Let Your Green Show contest". Then I began writing about my day beginning with the morning. I progressed through the day, proofed what I had written and then published. Moments... Continue Reading →

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