Friday October 24 – Autumn and Les Miz

I had a lovely ride this morning to Downey's Farm to see if I could catch a glimpse of my friend Gail leading a school group.  I was not disappointed and learned all about how pumpkins grow in Gail's very entertaining fashion.  The kids loved her. In the afternoon I took a walk in the... Continue Reading →

Tuesday October 28 – Bike the Creek Planning Ride

Sunday afternoon we received a call from Caroline and Pete, good friends of Michael's mother, Maureen, telling us they had found her delirious, and bleeding, in bed on Sunday morning.  They took her to the hospital for assessment.  In the evening they called back to say that nothing had been found yet, but that she... Continue Reading →

Chinguacousy Park

This morning I rode my road bike to physiotherapy for my wrist. The round trip which normally takes just over an hour took 43 minutes. I love how much faster I can get around on my new bike. What I don't love is the learning process for riding with clipped in shoes. I had my... Continue Reading →

Boring Recovery Weekend

My knee swelled up alarmingly as the evening progressed on Thursday after my fall from my bike.  I had a physiotherapy appointment for my wrist on Friday morning and consulted about my knee.  The therapist suggested I rest, elevate and ice it for 48 hours.  I was also advised to use a tensor bandage when... Continue Reading →

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