Still No School and More Trimming of the Ivy

Last week I wrote about enlisting the help of Megan and Alun with trimming the ivy on our chimney, since they are out of school due to a teachers' strike.  Today is Day 9, with no end in sight.  Yesterday, the Peel District School Board (PDSB) asked the Ontario Labour Relations Board to declare the... Continue Reading →


No School and Trimming the Ivy

The Peel District School Board secondary school teachers went on strike on Monday May 4 which means that Megan and Alun are not in school.  Mostly, they have just been doing as they please, however, I asked them to spend 30 minutes yesterday and today, and each day until we are done, cleaning up the... Continue Reading →

Why I Decided to Start Blogging

One word: forgetfulness. Yesterday, just before I started writing my blog for the day I thought, " I must remember to write about winning the Let Your Green Show contest". Then I began writing about my day beginning with the morning. I progressed through the day, proofed what I had written and then published. Moments... Continue Reading →

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