Saturday October 18 – Climbing the CN Tower

In early October 2007 Megan asked me if we could climb the CN Tower.  I didn't know, but told her I would look into it.  I found out that The Toronto United Way holds a climb for fundraising every October.  Alun expressed an interest in going, too.  I researched how many stairs had to be... Continue Reading →


Wednesday September 10 – Carpool to the Climb

Tonight Trystan, Owen and I picked up my nephews, Jason and Ryan, and we had our third stair climbing training session at the hospital.  Before we got out of the car I took an usie (group selfie) to submit to this month's Let Your Green Show contest for the carpool action.  Jason climbed up and... Continue Reading →

Running Around

Today was a day of running around not accomplishing much. I began by driving Megan to Mississauga Secondary School. She was told to be there from 8:30 to 10:30. It was her final day of her summer 2 credit co-op program. It is a 25 minute drive at that time of day. When we arrived... Continue Reading →

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