#OttawaBramptonOdysseyCycle – OTC Magazine Summary

The following is a summary of our trip written for the Ontario Traffic Council's quarterly magazine. Past issues are no longer online so I am sharing the summary here. Last fall, as members of the Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee and BikeBrampton chatted after a committee meeting, I overheard John Van West and David Laing talking... Continue Reading →


Back to Ottawa – December 3&4

After a relaxing morning with breakfast in the apartment, we walked to Second Cup for coffee. Owen was playing with my camera and took a picture of me.  I don't get to be the subject very often in my family. Then we proceeded to the Canadian Museum of Nature -  a pleasant 20 minute walk... Continue Reading →

Back to Ottawa – December 1

We decided to take Trystan and Owen to Ottawa for a long weekend. Owen has never been before. Trystan visited on a Grade 7 school trip. Michael and I took Megan and Alun to Ottawa in August 2016. Before that we had not visited Ottawa together for 18 years, although we have each been here... Continue Reading →

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