Channelling my Inner Kindergarten Student

On Saturday January 24, the Brampton Quilters' Guild, to which I have belonged for twelve years, ran a workshop on Journal Art Quilting taught by Sheree, in which we were shown has to use paint, muslin, fusible fabric and Tyvek to create fabric to use in journal quilts.  In the afternoon, we made a small... Continue Reading →

Spray Paint, Fireplace Repairs and Ikea Cubbies

One day earlier this year, when I was wasting time pinning things on Pinterest rather than actually accomplishing anything, I came across a suggestion to have the paint store make up spray paint to match your wall colour.   I hate cold air returns.   If you leave them the original colour they stick out because they... Continue Reading →


Trystan and Owen share a bedroom, and we have an extra bedroom that I use as a sewing room/photography studio, which is used by guests when we have them.  The living room has been used as a playroom for years, but with the youngest, Owen, having reached ten years of age, it isn't used very... Continue Reading →

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