Beating Fitbit at the Planned Obsolescence Game

About three years ago we bought a Fitbit Aria scale for $170 Canadian plus tax.  We had a scale that we had had for many years, and that still worked, but the allure of a scale that not only measured mass, but also calculated body fat percentage and BMI, and sent it to your Fitbit... Continue Reading →


Tuesday December 11 – Mike the Chimney Guy

On Sunday we learned that our damper could not be repaired, but needed to be replaced.  Mike the Chimney Guy told us he would order the part and come back in a week to ten days.  I told him someone is usually home, so to call if he found time sooner.  Today,  just as I... Continue Reading →

Day Out At Wild Water Kingdom

Today Trystan and his friends Edmund and Zack, Owen and I went to Wild Water Kingdom for the day.  It was the warmest day we have had lately, although I wouldn't call it hot.  The kids were fine, but I wore my short wetsuit to keep me warm in the breeze when I was wet. My... Continue Reading →

Cars and Bikes

My day started at the garage today.  The radio in our van was replaced after it stopped recognizing ipods and phones that were plugged into it.  A few months after that it stopped working altogether and made a popping noise every few seconds whether or not the van was turned on.  A computer reset fixed... Continue Reading →

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