Sunday December 21 – Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking

Yesterday morning Patti and I met for our usual run in the Etobicoke Creek valley followed by refreshments at Second Cup.  We usually run for some number of minutes (up to ten), walk for a minute and then repeat until we have gone about 6.5 kilometres.  One of us wears a watch and keeps track. ... Continue Reading →


Saturday November 1 – Snow Day

The view that greeted me as I stepped out the door this morning brought a smile to my face.  I love snow and I am looking forward to a cold, snowy winter so I can enjoy building and maintaining a community ice rink again.  I love the sight of my two favourite seasons colliding.  It's... Continue Reading →

Summer is Over

There was frost on the roof this morning when I got up.  I dressed in my warm running tights to go meet Patti for our Saturday morning run.  Patti tells me she had to scrape frost off her windows before driving.  It was sunny and still so it didn't feel as cold as it was.... Continue Reading →

Treetop Trekking

The day dawned dark, cool and wet, but was forecast to improve.  I met Patti for our Saturday morning run and increased our running to 90 seconds running, one minute walking.  We repeated that 16 times which led to 60% more running that last week.  I had planned to get out running in the week,... Continue Reading →

Busy Saturday

Patti and I met this morning to exercise for the first time in about a month.   She was away on vacation the past two Saturdays and the one before that had an appointment.  Prior to that we rode our bikes on the trail, as my knee was too swollen from falling off my bike to... Continue Reading →

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