Sunday August 24 – Back to Wild Water Kingdom

Today, as we have been doing on many Sunday mornings for the past few years we headed to Wild Water Kingdom. My sister and her husband and two boys gave us passes for Christmas. Today Victoria and her family joined us. Victoria is my sister's sister-in-law. I stayed out of the water because of the... Continue Reading →


Chinguacousy Park

This morning I rode my road bike to physiotherapy for my wrist. The round trip which normally takes just over an hour took 43 minutes. I love how much faster I can get around on my new bike. What I don't love is the learning process for riding with clipped in shoes. I had my... Continue Reading →

Great Summer Day

My friend Victoria and her children from St. Thomas are visiting us this week. One of the activities we always do when they visit is go for a bike ride. Here we are about to head out. It always surprises me how long it takes us to get going. Sunscreen needs to be applied. Shoes... Continue Reading →

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