Today, I attended CeleBrampton for the first time.  I volunteered at the BikeBrampton booth.  BikeBrampton in an advocacy group that runs Bike the Creek, does cycling education and advocates for better cycling infrastructure in Brampton.  I have never attended CeleBrampton before and didn't know what to expect.  Trystan and Owen came with me and roamed... Continue Reading →


Still No School and More Trimming of the Ivy

Last week I wrote about enlisting the help of Megan and Alun with trimming the ivy on our chimney, since they are out of school due to a teachers' strike.  Today is Day 9, with no end in sight.  Yesterday, the Peel District School Board (PDSB) asked the Ontario Labour Relations Board to declare the... Continue Reading →

Finished Room Two of Three

We have finished turning my old sewing room into Trystan's room.  Most of the furniture from Trystan's and Owen's old room has been moved to Trystan's room.  Only one dresser and night table will move back.  When we have company Owen will temporarily move into Trystan's room into the second bed and his room will... Continue Reading →

Moving On to Room Two of Three

We are in the process of renovating three rooms in our home.  The children's old playroom on the main floor has become my new sewing room.   I spent last week moving all the furniture and contents from the old sewing room, which will become Trystan's bedroom, to the new sewing room.  I tried to organize... Continue Reading →

Brampton’s Christmas Market

Last night Brampton's third annual outdoor Christmas market began.  Michael, Trystan and I attended this evening.  It is not to often that we spend time with just Trystan on his own.   It was the first time we have been to the Christmas market.  When we arrived about 5:45 there were very few people around. We... Continue Reading →

Friday October 31 – Hallowe’en

I was at the school today for a teacher parent interview and on the way out stuck my head into the kindergarten classroom to which I donated, on behalf of my Dad, the dollhouse he built (which was modeled on our home) for Lara and me, when we were children.  The wallpapers and fabrics were... Continue Reading →

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