Sunday May 3 – Success Climbing the Escarpment

It was the Brampton Quilters' Guild quilt show this weekend.  Trystan and I helped with set-up on Friday afternoon.  I am the photographer for the Guild and I photograph every quilt in the show.  I captured about a quarter of them on Friday. On Saturday afternoon, I returned, with Owen for my shift on  mini-quilt... Continue Reading →


Friday November 21 – I’m Green

Today I received my prizes for being Brampton's Greenest Resident and I have the certificate to prove it.  As the Brampton resident to submit the most actions in the Let Your Green Show contest run by the Region of Peel last summer I earned the title. The prize is a family season pass to the... Continue Reading →

My Green is Showing

Owen caught a cold and missed school last Friday.  I tried my best not to catch it, but Monday morning I woke up feeling terrible.  I didn't have any colds in the fall 2013/winter 2014 cold season so perhaps I am a little more susceptible this year.  That seems to be how it goes for... Continue Reading →

Why I Decided to Start Blogging

One word: forgetfulness. Yesterday, just before I started writing my blog for the day I thought, " I must remember to write about winning the Let Your Green Show contest". Then I began writing about my day beginning with the morning. I progressed through the day, proofed what I had written and then published. Moments... Continue Reading →

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